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Tetris W Rev 38 ÷ 615 kW

Chillers with heat pump versions for indoor installations Extended range, versatile applications.


OH: non-reversible heat pump
HPW: reversible heat pump on water side
HP: reversible heat pump on refrigerating side
/LN: low noise
/LC: with remote source-side heat exchanger
/DS: with desuperheater
/DC: with total recovery


  • Tier 2 compliance: sizes up to 400 kW
  • The widest range of capacities and configurations on the market
  • Easy handling: depth ≤ 880 mm
  • Integrated pumps for user, source and total heat recovery (option)
  • Buffer tank (option)
  • BlueThink advanced control with integrated web server. Multilogic function and Blueye® supervision system. (options)
  • Flowzer: inverter driven pumps (options)

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