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Xenon Data 0 ÷ 330 kW

High efficiency indirect evaporative freecooling unit specially designed for Data Center applications, unit fitted with EC Fans, air to air heat exchanger, evaporative humidification device and optionally available with direct expansion top up cooling circuit equipped with hermetic inverter driven scroll compressor with brushless motor or with chilled water integration coil.

R : Right: Unit accessibility on the right side
L : Left: Unit accessibility on the left side
1 : SHEX - Single Heat EXchanger: Minimized Data Center side fans' energy.
2 : DHEX - Double Heat EXchanger: Maximized evaporative effect.

Unique selling point
- Air to air heat exchanger with ad hoc surface treatment for the highest evaporative effect
- Unit Control ready for the most challenging Data Center requirements
- Minimum pPUE & Exponential efficiency increase at part load
- Teamwork solutions to exploit the part load efficiency even on fully loaded rooms
- Flexibility in lay out configurations & Reduced installation costs
- Free the white space from cooling system and its maintenance
- Minimum impact to the electrical infrastructure

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