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Zeta Rev HE FC 36 ÷ 150 kW

High efficiency free-cooling chillers with scroll compressors and plate heat exchanger.
Units with independent coils for free-cooling and condensing (microchannel) sections, with dampers. 

Zeta Rev HE FC units with scroll compressors, 10 sizes from 50 to 150 kW

LN: low-noise version
NG: unit without glycol on user side

Bullet points

  • Patented free-cooling section for increased reliabilitity and seasonal efficiency
  • High values of both EER and total free-cooling temperature: enhanced energy saving with different climate profiles
  • High seasonal efficiency thanks to the modulation of the cooling capacity
  • Low refrigerant charge.
  • Glycol free version
  • Bluethink advanced control with integrated web server
  • Multilogic/Multifree function for multiple units’ system (option)
  • Blueye supervision system (option)
  • Integrated hydraulic modules also with buffer tank and inverter-driven pump (option)
  • Flowzer: optimized flow system (options)

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