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Rutherford Appleton Labs

18 dicembre 2014
PaeseUnited Kingdom
ProvinciaHarwell Oxford
PotenzaAZURA V SLN 600 kW; COBALT A SLN 680kW
Nome installatoreSwegon UK

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Rutherford Appleton Labs,

Home of UK major scientific facilities including:

Central Laser Facility – World leading Laser research lab that can recreate conditions inside stars

ISIS Pulsed Neutron & Muon Source

Diamond Light Source Synchrotron

The Chiller and Heatpump will serve new research labs simulating space temperatures and vacuum to test aeronautical and space vehicle components.
Chiller installed are

AZURA V SLN 4T 80.2 (Omicron V Evo), 600kw of cooling and heating down to -8C

COBALT A 73.2 SLN (Kappa V Evo), 680kW of Cooling

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