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Hôpital de La Grave

25 September 2018
Product ModelBeta Rev RFE
Cooling Capacity145

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The Hôpital de La Grave is a hospital situated in the Saint-Cyprien quartier of Toulouse in Southwest France on the left bank of the Garonne. It was the second largest hospital establishment and primary maternal care center of Toulouse during much of the 20th century until the CHU of Rangueil was built. It is named for the sandy bank (Standard French: grève) of the Garonne where it was built. It has now become a hallmark of the City of Toulouse. In 2010, the hospital closed its doors to patients. Still owned by the CHU of Toulouse (university hospital center) which has structures specialized in dermatology and anti-doping, part of the building and ground will change vocation and several possibilities are considered: museum, health extension or property program. The renovation of the building, including the Dome, started in 2016. For this renovation, Swegon delivered two reversible chillers, namely Beta Rev RFE, low noise version, with cooling capacity of 145 kW each.
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