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Tekniska Verken - Gärsta Verken

15 febbraio 2015
Nome installatoreCaverion

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Swegon, Cooling Powerplant The solution delivery consists of, two Swegon chillers OMEGA V ECHOS/COBALT W (screw compressors), producing in total 1.84 MW of cooling capacity coupled with four Dry Coolers with total cooling power of 2.3 MW. To close the loop, twelve Swegon SILVER airhandling units, to distribute the optimal climate to the power plant's process as well as adjacent office facilities. Peab is building contractor and Caverion responsible for piping, electrical and ventilation contract. Construction in progress since 2013 and is expected to be completed in the beginning of 2016. Supply and installation of cooling and ventilation made throughout the year.

Shot by Greger Ruud, Swegon AB
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