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SMAK bread-baking complex, Yekaterinburg

10 marzo 2021
PaeseRussian Federation
Modello 1 - RefrigeranteOmega SKY LC [R134a] 159.2 - R134A
Potenza3000 kW
Nome installatoreAIRCON

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Energy efficient chillers Omega SKY LC [R134a] 159.2 (2 pcs.) are installed in the SMAK bread-baking complex (production and warehouse complex of food industry, with administrative premises, bulk storage of raw materials, buildings of checkpoints, networks and equipment of engineering and technical support), Yekaterinburg, Russia. SMAK bread-baking complex was founded in 1927 and is the oldest bakery in the Urals. In 2000 the enterprise became a part of the Makfa agro-industrial association.
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