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Bastec becomes a part of Swegon Group

22 May 2023

Bastec, with around 30 employees, is active within the Swedish building controls market. It is well known for its BAS2 system and has a reputation for quality solutions and a high level of competence. Bastec was acquired by Investment AB Latour in 2014 and has been an successful part of the business, for most of the time as part of the Bemsiq group. Going forward, with the long-term strategy of both Bemsiq and Swegon in mind, the best strategic fit for Bastec is however to transfer home base within the Latour group, and therefore, Swegon will formally take over as new owners on June 1st 2023.

With Swegon’s strategic ambition to deliver complete HVAC solutions for the buildings market, gaining additional competence within building controls is of great value. Recent collaboration initiatives between Swegon and Bastec has proven a synergistic relationship between the companies, with great potential in joining forces. Changing home organisation, but remaining within the Latour group, enables continuity and stability for Bastec and its employees, while unleashing the full potential of the company.

”The property sector is facing a twofold climate challenge – achieving a radically decreased carbon footprint of the building stock, while maintaining productive and healthy indoor climate for the people within. Combining the unique competences of Swegon and Bastec will make it possible to offer even more competitive solutions to these challenges” says Andreas Örje Wellstam, CEO of Swegon Group AB.

”It’s very positive and exciting for Bastec to take the next leap in our strategic growth journey together with Swegon. Bastec has a strong position on the Swedish building automation market and we see great possibilities to increase the growth pace, driven by the trends within sustainability, energy optimization and smart properties, along with Swegon.” says Jonas Greberg, CEO of Bastec AB

An integration project is now starting up, headed by Björn Erlingsson, CCO of Swegon. The ambition is to continue with Bastec operating mainly as-is, organisationally remaining an independent entity within the Swegon Group. 

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