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Zeta Rev HE FC
46 ÷ 149 kW

Air cooled freecooling chiller

Product data

Zeta Rev HEi FC
35 ÷ 95 kW

Gruppo refrigeratore d’acqua free-cooling ad alta efficienza

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Tetris 2 FC
96 ÷ 518 kW

Gamma Tetris FC, con compressori scroll e sistema free cooling

Product data

Kappa Sky FC
263 ÷ 886 kW

Chiller modulare ad alta efficienza con compressore inverter a vite, evaporatore a f...

Product data

Kappa Rev FC
353 ÷ 1291 kW

Rivoluzionario chiller vite con free cooling modulare condensato ad aria

Product data

Kappa V Evo FC
325 ÷ 1178 kW

Chiller aria/acqua con sistema freecooling integrato

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