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Low GWP & natural refrigerants use

Low GWP & natural refrigerants use

Carbon-neutral products

Sustainability also implies analyzing the way in which our HVAC units operate and Swegon, with its R&D always focused on the needs of the customer, has over time developed increasingly efficient units with control logics designed to minimize energy consumption and therefore environmental impact.
40% of total CO2 emissions are attributable to the energy consumption of buildings, in particular heating and air conditioning systems, expressed as its carbon footprint: this is the parameter used to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions caused by a product, service or technology, generally expressed as the equivalent of the number of tons of CO2 . Swegon is committed to developing products that are carbon-neutral, reducing their carbon footprint to a minimal amount.

Refrigerant Gas

Do you need more information about flammable refrigerants? Do you want to know how to use, handle etc. such refrigerants? Get Swegon expertise, contact us!


Dear User, if you need deeper technical information about flammable refrigerants, please contact the nearest Swegon Office in your Country.

Operations in safety

In Cantarana plant every test room has been equipped with suitable sensors to test units produced with R32 or R290 refrigerants (flammable or middle flammable fluids), with refrigerant supply pipelines and special devices to monitor any possible leak during tests operations.
This huge implementation allows the production of units produced accordingly to the last directives and regulations with a significative reduction of Tonns of equivalent CO2.
Here the trend of weighted average GWP of the portfolio, from 2017 to 2022

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