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We, the winners of the Swegon Sustainability Award 2023

16 February 2024
We are truly honored to have received the recognition within our organisation of the "Swegon Sustainability Award 2023" for our commitment to the sustainability of our products and is representative of our determination and efforts to involve customers in our responsibility towards the Planet and to clearly address and reduce our impact on it.
Swegon Group CEO Andreas Örje Wellstam describes this group decision by highlighting "three notable achievements:
1. Completion of their inaugural life cycle assessment study, paving the
way for their first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).
2. Adoption of Total Equivalent Warming Impact calculations to quantify product carbon footprints.
3. Substantial investments in Research and Development (R&D), infrastructure, and proactive promotion of the transition to low carbon refrigerants.
This award does not only acknowledges past accomplishments but also serves as a catalyst, inspiring to unlock even greater potential in 2024 and beyond within the sustainability domain." 

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