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New SIGMA Zero

27 April 2023
New SIGMA Zero: WATER SOURCE meets natural PROPANE refrigerant.
Our mission begins with a new 'water-water-propane' product, Eurovent Certified.
It is the product that starts this new family, focused on the future and the new generations, that makes our knowledge available to the planet, to impact as less as possible, with zero emissions goal.

High efficiency water source chillers and heat pumps with natural refrigerant for residential spaces, service and manufacturing process buildings, convenience stores and others more.

Single circuit inverter compressors unit with plate heat exchangers:
• Water cooled inverter heat pump and chiller with R290
• 4 versions for different applications
• Hot water up to 75°C
• Installation flexibility (indoor/outdoor version)
• Compact footprint (<1m2)
• Eurovent certified performance

Find more details about product at this LINK.

Watch full video to discover more information:

We work hard to find ever-improving solutions that can help all of us to prevent fast changes in the market needs and make our customers always fit the new standards of Sustainability.

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