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Gresini Racing - Moto GP

05 September 2017
CityMugello (FI)
Product ModelGamma HP
Cooling Capacity150 kw
BuyerLuca Zordan

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Blue Box, Technological Partner for Gresini Racing.

Their first experience with us a few years ago was a success, so Blue Box was a natural choice for Gresini Racing when they started looking for the air conditioning system for the Aprilia hospitality box. They sure had many requirements, but at Blue Box we never shy away from a challenge so we came up with tailored packaged units which can be started up in a matter of minutes. The units had to be compact, as space in the trucks and in the box is critical. They had to  be robust, as they are always on the road, loaded and unloaded multiple times. They also had to be easy to mount and start, because in racing you can’t afford to lose one single second and they must of course be reliable, because in a GP the heat must only come from the motors and from the challenge! Watch our video for a direct testimony from our customer.  https://youtu.be/HwXqUqCXUWo
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