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CTRLS Data Centers - DC4 Building Navi Mumbai (Tier 4 Rated)

25 June 2024
CityNavi Mumbai
ApplicationData cooling
ProductPrecision A.C.
Cooling Capacity330 kW x 32 Units + 280 kW x 184 Units + Other various capacities
BuyerCTRLS Data Centers

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In the heart of technological hubs, Swegon India's PAHU whispered into the corridors of hyperscale data centers. A marvel of engineering prowess, it tamed the colossal heat of 63,000 kW/18,000 TR effortlessly. Efficiency soared, as did whispers of its prowess spreading through the industry grapevine. Swegon's PAHU, a beacon of sustainable cooling solutions, stood as a testament to ingenuity, shaping the future of digital infrastructure with every whisper of chilled air.

In Datacentre City located at Navi Mumbai- India , Swegon has provided cooling solution to CTRLS DC4 Building of 184 units of Close Control Precision Air Handling Units for Server Farm.

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