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Milpark Hospital Tower Blocks - Johannesburg

07 May 2020
CountrySouth Africa
Product Model4 x Omicron
Cooling Capacity350 kW

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Spoormaker & Partners patented hot water re-heating VAV diffuser concept a first in Healthcare facilities.

Milpark Hospital Tower Blocks was an extension project to the existing Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg for our Private Healthcare Client, Netcare. The 135 bed hospital extension includes ICU’s, two Operating Theaters, a HybridTheater, two Cathlabs, one EP Lab, an Oncology Bunker and General Wards.

Spoormaker & Partners was appointed as the Mechanical Consulting Engineer covering HVAC, Medical Gas and a Pneumatic Tube System.

 Four 4-pipe Air-Cooled Chillers were installed generating chilled and hot water simultaneously. The hot water is used for domestic hot water and also serves as heating source for the HVAC system, utilizing the proudly Spoormaker & Partners patented hot water re-heating VAV diffuser concept, developed by Rickard Air Diffusion.

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