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Pole Hydraulique

01 August 2019
Product ModelOmicron Rev S4 and other units

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A gigantic 30,000 m² real estate project, which was completed between the summer of 2017 and the spring of 2019. Located in Oxford Park, the buildings house a training centre dedicated to water professions, an inter-company restaurant and all the staff of EDF's Alps section. A project aimed at triple certification The building is currently undergoing BREEAM, HQE and BBC-Effinergie 2017 certification. The promoter GA has equipped this project with active energy performance management in order to optimize consumption. According to the Observatory of BEPOS and low-energy buildings, the green roof and the concrete floor slab offer good thermal inertia to the building. The project's energy consumption is 63.3 kWhep/(m².an), slightly below the Effinergie threshold of 64.8 kWhep/(m².an). It should also be noted that there is a photovoltaic installation with a surface area of 469.2 m², with a production of 17.00 kWhep/m².an. In addition to the building and high-performance equipment, user comfort was also at the heart of this project: gardens, terrace, maximum glass surfaces to promote natural lighting and climate comfort. The buildings are heated and cooled by heat pumps (BlueBox models) and air handling modules integrated into the facades. Double flow units ensure the renewal of the indoor air and the pretreatment of the supply air. For the 3 buildings housing EDF staff, Swegon provided: - 9 handling units GOLD RX (rotary heat exchanger) - 3 OMICRON Rev S4 heat pumps (4-pipes system) For the inter-company restaurant - 1 handling unit GOLD SD (single flow air) - 1 air handling unit GOLD RX (rotary heat exchanger) - 2 BETA Rev RFE with Multilogic control For VDI premises: - 1 EPSILON Rev - 2 ZETA Rev
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