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Smart Side - Paris

05 July 2017
Product ModelOmicron Rev S4 & Tetris 2
Cooling Capacity670

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This project aims for HQE and BREEAM certifications. A connected building with a building energy management system, as well as for end-users: informations, comfort requirements, bookings can all be accessed via mobile communication. Delivery of the building is planned Q2 2018. Thermal footprint of 2692 kW in cooling and 1946 kW in heating for the whole project. To cover those needs, the following units have been installed: * a 4-pipe system, modular mulfunctional unit called OMICRON REV S4 SLN 70.8 (cooling capacity of 670 kW / heating capacity of 600 kW) * 3 heat pumps air/water called TETRIS 2 SLN HP 70.6 (cooling capacity of 630 kW / heating capacity of 580 kW) * 1 high efficiency chiller air/water called TETRIS 2 SLN 34.4 (cooling capacity of 300 kW)
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