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Waste Management

Paperless mindset

Do you know that 50% of the waste of business is composed of paper?
And do you know that every tree produces enough oxygen for 3 people to breath?
From June 2022, Chillers and Heat pumps from Swegon will become “paperless” and delivered along with the minimum paper documentation required by Lay. All other unit documents remain saved in digital format, easily accessible and ready for download by QR code reading or via Web.
While all the rest will be digital accessible by QR code or via Web.
Paperless Chillers & Heat pumps will save up to 700.000 liters of water, 12.000Kwh of electric energy, 23 trees each year.
The project, started in Cantarana Factory in 2019, has the target of implementing one of the best in class available MES (Manufacturing Execution System) based on a IoT platform, in order to give a real time support to the operators.
This Industry 4.0 application provides useful information to the assembly of our products (safety instructions, technical drafts, orders specifications etc.).
It also ensures a greater consistency of the data collected from the production lines to enable a series of continuous improvement initiatives.
The use of printed paper is also greatly reduced (over 72.000/year), thanks to the use of industrial tablets.

Water distributors

Plastic is everywhere, is incredibly useful in modern life. Most plastic is not recyclable and the vast majority does not biodegrade. Our contribute to avoid its use is clear. How to avoid the impact of plastic waste coming from the use of drinkable water? Through the setting up of water distributors throughout the Plant, and introducing in the canteen washable cups and related washing machine.

Then a nice Christmas gift offered to all employees: a metallic bottle to be used with water distributors placed in the Plant and in all breaks rooms.

This healthy investment allows Cantarana Plant to remove from waste more than 38.000 empty bottles per year, meaning around 700 kg/year of plastic.

No more plastic tableware

The introduction in the Company canteen since January 2021 of ceramic tableware, steel cutlery and washable glasses, throughout the great support of the washing service allowed the achievement of no more plastic use during lunch break for the employees.

This meant a great result in contributing to reduce plastic waste, around less 2000 kg of plastic per year or 8kg of plastic/employee/year. In addition, starting from April 2021, the plastic coffee cups and spoons in the coffee machines were substituted with those recyclables and dedicated baskets have been introduced to differentiate the waste sorting of stirrers and glasses favoring a saving in volumes of 150%.

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