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Precision A.C.

Smart solutions for IT Cooling application


7 ÷ 100 kW



Datatech+ BTD represents the state of the art as regards efficient, precise and reliable cooling of Data Processing Centres, small and medium-sized com-puter rooms, laboratories and technological environments in general.The combination of inverter-controlled brushless DC compressors, EC electronic switching fans and electronic thermostatic valves together with a sophisticated control algorithm allows the highest performance to be achieved as required for the air conditioning of technological equipment.

Quick facts

  • High sensible heat removal rate.
  • Exceptional efficiency at partial loads
  • Regulation of the compressor between 30 and 120% of the rated value.
  • Constancy and precision of control of thermo-hygrometric variables.
  • Dual power supply available as option
  • Hot gas re-heat available


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