Chillers & Heat Pumps


Kappa Rev 296 ÷ 1983 kW

Modular chillers and reversible units for large systems.


HE: High efficiency unit
LN: Low noise unit
SLN: Super Low noise unit
HP: Reversible heat pumpDS: Unit with desuperheaters
DC: Heat exchange condenser
HAT: unit for high temperature of external air
HWT: unit for production of water at high temperature
Pump and integrated buffer tank available as option.

Unique selling points

  • Up to 2 Mw cooling and heating capacity 
  • Multilogic function
  • Microchannel condensing coil
  • Low refrigerant charge
  • SLN unit with Night Shift function.
  • Integrated hydraulic modules also with a buffer tank.
  • Three types of pumps: standard, oversize and for high percentages of glycol (e.g. up to 50%).

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