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Chillers & Heat Pumps


Tetris W Rev FC/NG 39 ÷ 468 kW

Water-source free-cooling chillers for no-glycole applications. Fully integrated management.

Free Cooling Configurations (TFT)

  • Base (-2°C)
  • HE (+1°C)
  • tank available as option

Unique selling point
- Energy saving maximized year-round
- Two tiers of total free-cooling temperature
- Plug and play unit for easy indoor installation
- Fully integrated management of chiller, free-cooling section, remote dry-cooler
- Glycol free on user side
- Bluethink advanced control with integrated web server. Multilogic and Blueye options
- Flowzer options: inverter driven pumps. VFPP: variable flow primary pumping (selected sizes)

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